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Need help finding a good Bluetooth wireless headset or hands free kit

24 April 2004
Henderson, Colorado

I want to get a bluetooth wireless ear piece and/or a hands free car kit for my sony ericksson T610 phone.
Anybody have any good experiences with either of these?
Any good reccomendations of products or retailers?

I use my T610 with the built-in hands-free on my MDX, so I haven't gone looking for an external unit, but while at CES I did see this company called "Jabra" (www.jabra.com) which seemed to have some of the most stylish and comfortable bluetooth earpieces around. The BT800 in particular seemed to be a pretty popular model. You may want to check some online reviews of their products.
I have a Motorola HS820 earpiece and it works great. The only issue that I can find wrong with it is there is nothing surrounding the microphone. So if you are driving with the windows down, you get a lot of wind noise. But on the other hand, I have had no other issues. Calls come in clear, my voice is heard clearly by the other person, and the voice controls are easy enough to use.
HS850. talk time is 8.5 hours with 200 hours standby.