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Need Help from owners in MO...


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17 April 2000
Northern VA
I was going to post this in regional section but non of the region lists Missouri! Anyway, there's '93 red with 40k on sale from a dealer(non-acura)in Springfield, MO that I am interested in. The price is right, carfax checks out, and got some addons(exhaust intake etc) which I like. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone knew of the owner who used to own it...supposedly he traded it in for a '98. Also, if I do decide to buy it, I'll send it to Acura for inspection, but before that, can anyone do a visual check for me? Also, is there any Acura dealer around Springfield that is recommended for the inspection??
There are quite a few owners in Missouri, both on and off the Forums, but most live in St. Louis, the other end of the state from Springfield. I am not aware of any knowledgeable owners in the Springfield area.

There IS a dealer in Springfield, Acura of Springfield, according to the dealer locator on Acura's website at http://www.acura.com/acquire/acq_locator.asp I suspect they don't do much business servicing NSX's, though.
I suspect the same about the acura dealer in Springfield....does MO belong to the Midwest mail list? If so, then I'll try to email the list also.