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Need help installing keyless entry

20 November 2000
Santa Clara, CA, USA
Per the fact file, I purchased a keyless entry module from Tracy Townsend in Texas, but I've was unable to install it the first time I took my glove box apart. I'm going to try again this morning before turkey.

When I took it apart there was no connector secured with blue tape - no blue tape anywhere. I just don't know where to look when I have it apart; it's just a big mess of wires.

If anyone can help I'd be very grateful. Send a reply with info, or since I'm gonna give it another try now you can eve call me if you live close to Santa Clara CA.
650 464-0691.


Originally posted by nsxman:
JP: What's the year of your NSX?
It's a '93. I have her opened up again. What the heck am I missing? Using the passenger seat as a point of reference and looking into the wires from underneath (not inverted) I see a big cable of wires coming in through the firewall on the right. There was a connector attached to it with clear type scotch tape - the connector had a green wire connecting two of the terminals but was only a two or three pin connector so that wasn't it.

I see a ton of connectors to the far right of this going up the side of the car, but I don't see any blue tape or a free connector of the correct dimensions.

On the left side I don't see anything that looks like what I'm looking for.

Any help appreciated.

I presume you have the instructions for the keyless entry.

Remove the glove box door. Take the glove box itself out (you will have to disconnect two, small white electrical connectors to do this). This will reveal the firewall which will be virtually obscured by wires, cables, hoses, etc. On the left side of the glove box opening, toward the firewall, you will see a large white connector block that has four or so male connectors plugged into it. To the left of the white block is a black tube about 1" in diameter that runs vertically. The black tube has circular corregations.

The connector you seek comes out of this tube. The connector is white plastic, female, and is about an inch long across it broadest face. The wires to the connector exit the tube at about its midpoint. Perhaps the connector was not secured by blue tape to the outside of the tube. If not, the connector should be hanging loose. The connector has 9 wires: black, blue/green, yellow/green, orange/blue, red, yellow, 2 green/whites, and one orange/green. (Note, Acura calls it a "12 pin connector," however, the connector has but 9 wires.)

Once you have identified the connector, you plug the keyless entry wire harness that came with kit into it. The other end of the harness (14 pin connector) then plugs into your keyless entry module.

You will secure one end of the keyless entry harness, per the instructions, to the black tube using a plastic tie wrapped around the tube.

Good luck.