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need help on 03 Imola orange

11 August 2008
Has anyone actually gone to see this car in Florida? It's been for sale for almost a year by the same owner. I would like to know if it is worth flying to go and see. I know Imola is a hot and rare color (according to the posts and replies on the forum) and I can't imagine it would take a year to sell it unless something is not quite right.
Thanks for your help in advance
Has to be someone on here that knows it.

I talked to the seller maybe 9 months ago or so. He was not too anxious to sell and very proud of the car. Nothing wrong with either of those, just make for a long sales cycle.
I've spoken to the owner (Ian) and almost bought this car...the one I currently have was a better deal.

The owner is more than happy to take the car into an Acura dealership for a pre-purchase inspection etc. so I don't think there are issues with the car. CARFAX appeared good although you can't solely trust what it states as I've learnt on other cars.

The Imola Orange that I bought instead was also for sale for at least 6 months here on NSX Prime and it didn't sell until I bought it or gave a reasonable offer.

You'll find everyone wants something for nothing - especially NSX's~!
One owner, clean Carfax, lots of warranty left. Call the seller and talk to him about the car and ask specifically about usage and any accident history. It's rare color combination but not one that I'm sure appeals to everyone and if the seller is in no hurry, then can take a while to sell. Plus, the economy hasn't exactly been kind to used high end car sales for the last year.

If you get a good feel from talking to the seller, probably worth a trip if the color is what you are looking for. Seems to me that NSX owners are a pretty open and honest group as long as it's not someone just flipping cars (which it obviously isn't after a year on the market). Probably some of the best taken care of cars in the world from what I've seen and experienced.
15 min before I had an appointment to see the car and close the deal he called it off. I guess he had cold feet.:frown:
They are inflexible with their price, they have no records on the car and i'm 100% sure those 19" rub in the front. I guess they can keep it for showcase until they realize they need to come down on their pricing. I'll just keep an eye out for others that might come up for sale.
Hmmm...how much do you want them to come down? Its listed for $62K w/30K miles and that's about ballpark for an 03 NSX.

Yeah no service records would be an issue for me on such a new car.
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Okay you got me bro! Do ya'll still say bro? hahahaahhaahahaha

LOL! Yes, we still say bro. But now you've made me homesick by saying "ya'll". :biggrin: I miss my Oklahoma roots sometimes. :frown::biggrin: You're so rad.