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Need help on a NSX for sale

1 May 2009
okay, i think some of you might read my previous post about dreaming for 21 years. Get to the point, I found a red/black stick 1991 with 86k miles on it locally. Original Owner, regular maintenance, pictures show excellent exterior condition(one scratch) and normal wear interior(seat). No mods, no race, everything OEM with clear bra on bumper. Clean title, no accident, no flood, storm etc. Clean Carfax, no salvage no mileage roll back. Sorry for no picture( to minimize competition this time). Schedule to see in person in two days.

Base on my conversations with the owner, all services have been up to date. But clutch, flywheel and A/C are original. He claim no slippage on clutch.
Replace Antenna lately
Timing belt, water pump and other belts replaced by Acura dealership at 70k miles
Have to check for snap ring number.
Do not appear to be a primer.
Adult owner.
will keep an eye on oil pressure during test drive
will check trunk strut
will check headlight crack.
will follow NSXprime wiki inspection procedure.

Now, a couple questions hope any primer can give me some help, you can PM me for any answer or suggestion:
1. Do I miss anything here, anything I can add to my checklist or should beware?
2. If everything is fine including the test drive, how much you think is reasonable offer?
3. Any members might interest in helping me checking the car with me in Northridge?

Any input are welcome, thanks a lot!!!!

P.S. I know i know this is not a GPW, but the red is acceptable to me. :tongue:
The used NSX checklists are pretty thorough, I can't think of anything to add. How long ago was the odo at 70k miles (when the timing belt/water pump were done)? TB/WP may be due again if it was 7 or more years ago.

Personally I would probably offer $25-27k for the car, and maybe throw in another grand if the car appears to be in pristine condition upon in-person inspection.