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Need help with my paint job.

26 June 2008
Karachi, Pakistan
Hi guys,

This is my first post on nsxprime and I need your help. I searched your forums but I still can not find a definite answer to my query. I need to know the exact colour code of a particular White NSX located in my city.

I searched google and the only colours that NSX's were ever painted were Grand Prix White NH-565 and Cayman White Pearl <st1><st1:city w:st="on">Tri-coat</st1:city> <st1:state w:st="on">NH</st1:state></st1>-585P

But when I went through your forum I found many more whites:-
Neutron white (<st1:country-region w:st="on">Japan</st1:country-region> only) - NH545P
Platinum Pearl White (<st1:country-region w:st="on"><st1>Japan</st1></st1:country-region> only) - NH-609P
Championship White (NSX-R) - NH-0
Gran Prix White (all markets) - NH-565

I have attached photos of the NSX that I am referring to.

I hope this is not a repost and that someone is able to give me an accurate response. Thanks in advance.


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Looks like plat. pearl white.
has the same perlish colour as all the other JDM only whites
On a NSX the paint code is on the passenger's door aperture, right below the striker.