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Need some help with spacers

12 May 2001
Atlanta, GA
Hello Gentleman,

I'm trying to get some aftermarket wheels to work on my car. I have a black/black 91 NSX with 22k miles.

I ordered these wheels:

Konig Imagine
Front - 18 X 7.5
Rear - 18 X 8.5

Bridgestone SO-3's
Front - 225/35/18
Rear - 255/35/18

Rear's work just fine.

The front wheels hit the OEM brake calipers, they won't even turn. I thought I had found a fix and I ordered Dali's front spacers, which he told me were in stock, but now a week later, they are not in stock. I think it's going to take *forever* to get these spacers, so I need some help in figuring out how I can find some other source for high quality spacers.

I'm very concerned with this being a very good setup with little vibration and correct handling.

I need to get something going soon so that if I can't get everything to work I can return the rims.

Thanks in advance,

Sam: I'm the importer for H&R in Panama
You have several choices from them

5mm Part# 1065700
15mm 3065700
25mm 5065700

Those are the part numbers for the front wheels on the NSX.

Contact: Mr Jasper at Options Auto Saloon, and tell him that Enrique from Crazy4Cars Panama referred you. (626) 812-7222 812-7220

Enrique Thompson
Crazy4Cars Racing
H&R Panama

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Whew...finally sourced the spacers from this company:

I learned something important. The type R spacers will work on the rear, the Legend spacers work on the front. It's because of the differing centerbore.

I'm paying close to $200 for the fronts overnight shipped for Sat delivery. Going to try and run down with them to the dealer and get things put together if I recieve the spacers early enough tommorow. Then, I'm going to go get the car detailed and take some pictures. I'm planning to build up a website soon. But I'll post the pictures for you guys to look at.

Put on some of my aluminum dash kit last night. Took most of it off, it looks cheesy to me. Not worth the money. I left the part of it that surrounds the instrument panel, that looks nice, otherwise, I think I'm going to stick to stock.

- Sam