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Need to find a great NSX mechanic in South Florida . . . . .

24 November 2006
South Florida
Hi gang. I am back after about a dozen years. Short as I can make it version: I developed a mild overheating issue around 200k+ and suspected the thermostat since I had no leaks in the radiator or elsewhere in the cooling system, and figured I'd get to it on an upcoming weekend. Still drove the car on a few short distance errand runs, and eventually replaced the thermostat. The old one was toast. Turns out I solved the problem too late. Shortly after I replaced the thermostat I was driving to work, started overheating again and could see in the rear view I was blowing white smoke out the back. Flat-bedded it home from work, and determined I either: (a) burned-up/blew out a head gasket (if I'm lucky); (b) cracked a head; or (c) cracked the block. Back then I had no time and insufficient funds with two little kids, so the NSX got parked in the garage where it has sat ever since.

Fast forward to the present, one kid is in college with his own car and the other in high school soon to have her own car. I have more time on my hands and the NSX is calling out to me. I need to locate a great NSX mechanic preferably with their own shop in South Florida. I'm not really interested in a local Acura dealership. I need to determine whether my issue is (a), (b) or (c) above, though my research tells me that if it's (b) or (c) I'm going to have to replace the engine because from what I have gathered, the clearances on the engine are so tight that the heads are milled at the same time as the block from the same chunk of aluminum and mated to that specific block, so if it's (b) I can't just replace the heads with remanufactured heads like I could on a classic American sports car. And if it is (b) or (c), I need someone who could help me locate an engine from a wreck and swap the engine out. If by some miracle it's only (a), I still need a great mechanic to pull the heads off and change the gaskets, and with 200k+ I'd be nuts not to look at the guts if I am pulling the heads and change out parts with 200k+ on them, so I'm likely back to an engine swap anyway.

Any leads to a great NSX mechanic in the South Florida area (Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties; Miami to West Palm Beach) would be tremendously appreciated. No dealerships, please. Let's just say I've been that route with other issues in the past and they didn't buy me dinner first . . . . . .