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Need TSB 93-010 (Snap Ring)


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3 February 2000
If anyone has a copy of the Snap Ring technical service bulletin and could please fax it to my attention at 540-552-0291 I would appreciate it. I'm trying to help someone in Europe (the TSB was not issued there, only in the US) and I don't have an actual copy of that TSB handy. Thanks for any assistance!

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That will be a good idea. I've been faxing them 7 times with the 8 request just came in.
Do all TSB's come with detailed pictures and a write-up(description) like the one you just posted?

Where can I get a copy of all the TSB's for a '92? I know it's listed in the FAQ, but I'd like to have a hard copy(even if it's xeroxed) that contains pictures and detailed descriptions like in the picture above. Does this even exist?
I'd be willing to pay for services rendered in getting me these copies of anyone can help.

Thanks for any help