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Need urgent Advertising / Marketing advice

10 February 2004
Nor Cal
Last year I sold my NSX along with other possessions not so loved as the NSX to open my own business. My dealer’s license will hopefully be approved within the next two weeks “fingers crossed”. I am offering a revolutionary way of buying and selling cars and I have a limited advertising budget to work with. I am looking for idea's on how to promote the entire buiness concept not just individual cars

To give you an idea of what I’m up to check out www.publicautofair.com

I am located on a major highway and have a 20 foot pylon sign on the property.

I am planning on sending out 200,000 direct mailers or “color inserts” in a four week period in a local publication that is delivered directly into mailboxes. I have press releases being sent to the major news papers as well as the small news publications in a twenty five mile radius

I have considered

{AM talk Radio} 90 spots in a 3 week period for $2,800.00

{Truck and Auto Trader} ½ page adds in both books each at 4 week $1600

{ Late night calbe} Too much $

I have space for approximately 175 cars and trucks. Any input or advice would be greatly appreciated.

BTW: Just received a call from the sales rep at the Flyer, they decided to not run the add as it to much direct competition with their classified auto section. GRRRHHH!

Thanks in advance!
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I am not sure what you are asking, or from your business decription if your business is targeting (collector cars, new cars, used cars, some sort of eBay style system or what) so specifics are harder BUT what you want to do is maximize your favorable impressions per $ spent within your target customer market and call those people to action.

Demographics, prior purchase history and specific behavioral traits should help you get the most exposure to your target demographic. Publications should be able to provide you the demographic/exposure information you'll get for your money. Try and put yourself in the mind of your target customer. You may also want to consider a billboard next to the new car dealers, etc.

The other part of that is managing WHAT message you are putting out. Is this DIY? Did you hire a creative agency or ad agency? If you have no budget for that, my humble advice is to copy someone's who did in order to convey why your system is better/different that others. Sometimes looking outside your industry for this is helpful.

Call to Action:
THis is the part where you try and convert the exposure and goodwill you have built up into customer action. Is it a Grand Opening with a tour and hot dogs for the kids? Think about all this.

HTH, and good luck with the business venture.