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Needs a caption

8 March 2006
LOL... You guys are good.
This is what happens when Stacy misplaces her ADD medication. Her poor kid is walking around with a headlamp in her lunch box.
"Dont worry Ms. Smith... we only use brand new off the shelf parts!"

The dangers of going with cut rate insurance.
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"... and this mod improves airflow to the engine and shaves 2 lbs off. My Civic is now 0.02 seconds faster in the 1/4 mile!"
Oh yes, clearly there is weight savings. And it looks like an older Altima to me.
Border Patrol's keen eye stops drug smugglers using new tactic.
after years of being tortured by the frugal newbs on prime,Steve aka whiteNSXS finally has an answer and a new kit to compete with chinese and ebay knockoffs.....if you are really nice he'll include a few pills.....
I didn't know we had such creativity on prime... Some good ones.
Drugs do come in handy while driving....Hey where did my container of pot go?