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New 1991 nsx owner

13 April 2022
Hello, I am Fahim from Jacksonville Florida's I just purchased a 1991 NSX from a old asian guy with 63k miles.garage kept whole life, he just did all major updates, timing, clutch, spark etc. I am new to forum and never have been before I am sure I will have a lot of questions. I don't know how to attach photos lol.
welcome.....but don't get it wet and don't feed it after midnight.....:tongue:
Welcome! TONS of info here on the forums and lots in the FB page too. Looking forward to hearing about the car, your plans (if any) and your auto history.

Also think about becoming a member of the NSX Club of America: https://nsxca.org/about-nsxca/ and read up a little about NSXPO: https://www.facebook.com/groups/567294094291136

The NSX community is hands down one of the best Ive been in hope you enjoy it too.
Welcome to ownership.

My first recommendation is to get a hold of a factory service manual. You can find originals or reprints on EBay / Amazon for a price. I like paper best; but, there are .pdf versions for free download if you search for links on Prime. The factory service manual will be your friend. You have purchased a vintage car and finding competent mechanics is becoming more of a problem.

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