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NEW BIG Pic of Facelift NSX on track

22 September 2000
Dallas TX


Got dat ol' vee six cilnder inder?

Boy that is UGLY. They've taken a classic design and turned it into a Mitsubishi wanna-be bottom feeder monstrosity. Not for me folks.
Tell us how you really feel! Personally I like the new look, but I also like the old look too. I look forward to seeing it at the Detroit auto show in person. I think that front license plate looks pretty bad though.
It's a nice picture. I don't understand why people don't like the retractable headlights on the original car. I always thought flip-up lights were pretty cool, however these look cool also. anyone know what those two circles are, on the bumper, both sides of the license plate? Maybe they're knock-outs for driving lights?
Worst picture I have seen to date. If the holes in the bumper are for towing, then what a joke. Reminds me of what BMW does with their tow hooks...put the hook under the front bumper like the current NSX does. Who would tow their car that way? By horse maybe.

Tech wise the car will be better I'm sure and I sure hope the car looks better in person that from what pics I have seen.

Honda may be going in the wrong direction!

97-T @20K
I like part of the front end. The side air scoops look good... very similar to a 360 actually. The problem is that center grill. It's what creates that 'bottom feeder' look.
It should have been smaller, or closed up entirely and have a scoop below to bring air in that way.
The more I look at the front bumper, the more the corners remind me of a 360. See what Ferrari did with the front of the 360 and you can see what Honda could have done.
It was a good idea and I like what they did with the side scoops. It could have been great, but a bit ruined with the center grill that swings up too high instead of being more subtle.
I have no problem with the built in headlights. Looks great on other cars when executed properly.
I'm really VERY surprised that so many of you guys so far don't like the new look. Personally I think it's great, although the fron license plate MUST go!
I think the Honda designers did a great job of retaining the overall shapes and cues that make the NSX unique while giving it a newness to it that just revives the already classic and sleek look. But hey, that's my opinion.

As far as the tow hook holes go...look to the left side of the air intake in the chin...isn't that where the old one was located? It seems like there is a removeable piece like on the past car, right on the egde between the center duct and the right front brake cooling duct. Is this where the older model had the tow hook? If not what was that for anyway? And if so, does that mean that the two round plugs could be for something else? Why would you need TWO hooks on the nose?

Got dat ol' vee six cilnder inder?

I like the looks of the car even better with this picture. Also, everyone is correct in that it looks similar to a 360 Modena. It usually takes the Japanesse a year or so to intregrate the styling of European and Italina cars, and the 360 has been out for just over a year now.

I can't wait to see what Honda does with the next generation NSX.
Whew, some weird responses to this thread so far!! First off, Rob, the 360 has been out since 1999...
. And this car, in my opinion looks NOTHING like a Modena!
Secondly, the two little circles are not tow hooks, they are curb sensors. The tow hook is in it's original position. And lastly, IMO, this thing is just BUTT-UGLY in the front. Now I REALLY want a 355 or 360.

Todd Arnold

Maybe I'm the only one here likes the new look more than the old one. Flip up lights in the pre-2002 NSX are getting out-dated and the new 360-alike headlight looks perfect to me. I like the new rear bumper as well, especially in the side by side picture of the old gen and new gen NSX, the new bumper just stands out more. But there's one thing I agree with you guys, the front license plate needs to go!
For some reason, I don't like the fact that some people says it looks like a modena. When the new C5 corvette came out, I remember reading a review saying that the styling of the C5 is so un-original. They noted styling cues from the NSX (side profile), 3000GT (overall dimension), and RX-7 (hood/front). I like to think of my NSX to be unique, not a modena wannabe. IMHO.


lights are ok, but the nose is awful, looks like a 'rice atfer market 360 wannabe' bodykit.

I always thought of Honda as the Japanese automotive leader - but they seem to be going into the 'wannaabe' direction.

Is this the Marketing dept. idea of refreshing or are there too many engineers in the kitchen?
Originally posted by Nsxotic:
Whew...Now I REALLY want a 355 or 360.

Since we all know that your NSX is no longer "pristine" with the new/repainted headlight cover, I'll gladly take it off your hands for "black book" wholesale. :p
I like the new look, but i wish the headlights were flush.. they look to aftermarket IMO.

I would also take todd's car, but not for 37K!

NetViper -= 100% Stock EBP 2000 Civic Si =- Still looking to get an NSX, but at least I can live life at 8,000 RPM!
Hey Dave, what's with the exclamation point? :) Do you think that I'm out of whack if I were to ask 38.5k? The guy who offered me 36.5k without the wheels didn't think so. I also declined his offer.

Hey Rob, considering my car is 3yrs. out of the black book, we have to go all the way back to the gray book! And that number ain't pretty! About $23k! Yikes.

The exclamation point is more about the fact that i don't have 37K for it!

If you can get that much for it, I say go for it!

If you do get a yellow one though.. we will have to redo your website!

NetViper -= 100% Stock EBP 2000 Civic Si =- Still looking to get an NSX, but at least I can live life at 8,000 RPM!
It not only amazes me but I also find it quite disappointing re how many people justify their liking of the new NSX front because it reminds them of the Ferrari 360!

The French have a saying that: tastes and colors cannot be disputed. They have a point I guess.

I for one, do not wish to get an exlusive hand made exotic car (assuming it is still priced at $88K) only to be a belated copy of a 360 or for that matter any other car! While I like the aggresive looks of the 360, I think Honda tried to buy some time with a face lift that might be a marketing test for its newer generation while also trying to see if mimicing the souped up aftermarket Civic look will attract more buyers. On the other hand, I like the fresher look of the back, 17" wheels, but the front is a major disappointment from the perspective of designing the evolution of a world class exotic car with an artistic statement. This is indeed sad but YMMV .........

And contrary to many who have predicted the demise of the 97+ model prices, I think if buyers do not view the 2002 model as a more desirable statement, the 97+ model may stop depreciating for a while and may even appreciate until the new generation comes.


98-T and now you know where I am coming from :)