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NEW BIG Pic of Facelift NSX on track

Secondly, the two little circles are not tow hooks, they are curb sensors. The tow hook is in it's original position.

Hey that's what I was thinkning too. ^_^

I don't get it guys, looks like face lifted NSX to me...not a 360 rip off. I still say it looks great, they did a good job of freshening up a truly aging face. Previously I wouldn't think that way, but after seeing the pics of the old and new side by side, I think the new definitely dates the design of the old one. Although not so much throws it back into a far gone era, just really says "Hey, I'm young and healthy...you're experienced."

I also think it will be a much more different experience in real life. Pictures hardly do even the "classic" NSX justice. You have to give it that at least.

Got dat ol' vee six cilnder inder?

When I first saw pics of the facelift, I thought, "hmmmm, not bad." But then thoughts of "Modena-wannabe" came creeping in. Not a good thing. Remember how the automotive world criticized the C5 styling for lack of originality (RX7 / NSX wannabe)? Well, I can already hear what the Ferrari camp is saying over this facelift.

One of the attributes about the pre-facelift NSX that made me fall in love with it was its original and uncompromising styling. I recall (and still do) staring at '91~'01 NSX pictures and just say to myself, "oh my, what a beautiful car." I can't say that I find myself saying that while looking at the new front end of the facelifted NSX.

I do, however, like the new rear bumper and tailight treatment.