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New Canaan, CT Car Show Sunday 10/17

I went to this show a few years ago - huge - lot's of oldies kept in garages. Good chance I'll go Sunday.

When I went with nsx, they directed me to the center ring of the entire show - which was pretty nice.
There should be over 3,000 cars on display. I took my NSX in Sept., and I'll be there with my GT on Sunday. Best to get there real early!!!
I'll be there! Trying to get there around 6:30 or 7. I'll be in my M3 this time but will keep an eye out for any nsx owners!
They just made a statement not to show prior to 7AM, I'll probably be there right around then. There will be a BMW Corral, so you'll probably be there.
I'll be there! Trying to get there around 6:30 or 7. I'll be in my M3 this time but will keep an eye out for any nsx owners!


Me too! I'm leaving my house at 5:30. Figure a 7ish arrival for me too. Will be cool to finally link up.
I think I counted 5 NSXs, including 1 Zanardi, and one 2017+. Great show, incredible turnout!!!
can you draw us a picture....
I'm quite happy neglecting social media...but I own FB....
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I'll have to ask Zuk next time I'm applying liberal amounts of zinc oxide to his face when we go on vaca...
Great seeing everyone!! I counted at least 5 Prime members there. [MENTION=26254]silver2002[/MENTION], that was me and [MENTION=9496]The Kid[/MENTION] that came up to you asking about your car once you parked! And I can't believe I walked right by [MENTION=27486]DreamPowered[/MENTION] and didn't even notice :( I'll chalk it up to either of us not being in our NSX's...

Amazing event overall.
The show was totally overwhelming - as The Kid said, my head was spinning - so many million dollar cars in the "Center" of show that they all became one and meaningless. At one point I heard there were 1500 cars.
The high points for me - tons of bmw 2002's - The Glickenhaus Baha and one of their racers. I was amazed to see so many nsx.. a few photo's for Doc John.

prime 2.JPG
prime 1.JPG
prime 3.JPG
prime 4.JPG
prime 5.JPG
prime 6.JPG
This was probably one of the best shows I have ever been to. The collection of cars at this show is amazing! Rearranging my plans for Sunday hopefully I can get out there to check it out. Had the NSX out today so maybe I will take the SLC for this. The last time I went the roads to and from were pretty good. Got to hit up Hoo Doo BBQ on the way back to.
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Unbelievable turnout today, had to be close to 2,000 cars!!!Got to catch up with 2 NSX owners!