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New car help...

4 August 2004
New York
So my fiancé is in the market for a new car. Now that we are getting married (this summer) her father wants to buy her a car in the 30k ballpark. She initially wanted an Altima, that idea was quickly vetoed by yours truly. Since she wants a four door I convinced her to go the G35 route, but I quickly realized that it would be pretty much with no options which still isn’t so bad (Nav would be great). She won’t be picking it up for a few weeks and this is where I can use some help. I need some suggestions on a car that would be practical enough for her, but still a sweet ride. I can convince her to get pretty much anything in a four door. Her pops is really not into the used car idea, but Im sure I can convince him too. What would you buy in a four door new or used for 30k range? Any suggestions/pics would be very helpful.

German vs. Japanese

hmmm... If it was to be a new car purchase, I'd go w/ an Audi A4, but also consider the Acura TSX, the Volkswagen Passat, and the Lexus IS300. If it was to be a pre-owned car purchase, I'd go w/ an Acura TL (new gen.), but also consider the Mercedes C-class and the BMW 3-series.

The Infiniti G35 sedan lacks the styling prowess of it's coupe sibling, IMHO... :redface:
You should be able to get a New TL for very close to 30k w/o nav. I have a contact that can help you get a great price. PM me if you need info. At the very least you can call her and chat prices.

Other New sedans to consider? None that *I* would like to own other than the TL.

If you were going used, I was looking at getting a 02' GS430 for about $35k. IS300's are nice but small. I have one and like it for what it is but it depends on YOUR needs. You can pick up a late model IS for 30k easy.
A Acura TSX would work perfectly in the price range...you could probably get the top trim TSX w/ navi for a little bit under $30K.. :cool:
Does anyone know if the new gen TL's have any of the tranny problem as the recent other Acura models?
Altima- well I guess if you got the SER version :wink:

I would go with a 05 TL or a TSX loaded or a G35. Don't count out the G35- you can negotiate 3-4k off pretty easily. So $30k is easily possible. Otherwise If you want to go used - 330i sedan or a 04 ES330.
apamin said:
Does anyone know if the new gen TL's have any of the tranny problem as the recent other Acura models?
The TL has had problems with the 5 speed auto. Go for the 6 speed manual and it'll last forever. I love the TL's.
RP-Motorsports said:
Ummmm you need approval of her father? Be a man. Get what you and your fiance' want, who cares about what he thinks.

Be a man?!? Haha I think your still a little upset that Pooh Bear and myself did not consult you and your so called "services" before we bought our rims. Aside from that and as for approval, I don't feel like I need to put my foot down for 30k in any matter. Her father's wish is to buy his daughter any NEW car in that price range, and if I think a used car would be better I would be a man by asking/convincing him so.
Acura TL is the best choice! Too many G35 around these dayz, support Honda! :biggrin: