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new Downforce products & Downforce special!

19 January 2001
Chandler, AZ
hi guys --

We'd like to introduce a couple new products from Downforce for the NSX.

Downforce DF-R Side Ducts
First up is the DF-R Side Ducts. Loosely derived from the NSX-R GT - these side ducts are designed to introduce more air flow into the engine bay. Perfect compliment for the air induction systems!



Downforce DF Sport Wide Front Fenders
Have you been looking for a wider front fender that looks good without doing a complete widebody? The Downforce DF Sport Wide Fenders are 1/4" wider on each side to allow fitment with more aggressive front wheels. They also feature provisions for the Japanese market style side marker. They look great with a standard body or with widebody additions.



Downforce NSX-R Style Front Bumper & Battery Undertrays


The Downforce NSX-R Battery and Front Bumper undertrays are the solution for maximizing aerodynamics from your NSX. Direct replicas from the NA2 NSX-R (with a special bumper undertray that also works on 91-01 factory front bumpers) - these pieces look at fit up just like the factory NSX-R parts. Check out some of the new photos online (thanks Jose!) The NSX-R battery undertray is now supplied with the rubber longitudinal fins at no extra cost.


-- Chris
We have the following Downforce specials. This pricing is good for the next two weeks until July 3rd. Please place your order before then to receive the discounts.

special 1: Downforce Front NSX-R Bumper & Battery Tray


Order both the front bumper undertray (either FRP, carbon, or Kevlar) and the battery undertray and receive $50.00 off! For example, a complete package with NSX-R FRP front bumper undertray & battery tray would be $650.00!


special 2: Downforce NSX-R Rear Diffuser


Take $70.00 off the NSX-R Style Rear Diffuser (FRP only). This diffuser is loosely based on the diffuser shown by Honda on the NSX-R prototype. Fits with factory 2002+ rear valence or the Downforce DF-R rear valence shown here:


special 3: Downforce DF Sport Wide Front Fenders


New DF Sport Wide Front Fenders look great on either stock or widebody cars. JDM blinker position & clearance for aggressive wheel offsets. Your price: $899.95.



best regards,
-- Chris
Thank you again for your interest. If you have any questions on these or any other Downforce products, please let us know. Between ScienceofSpeed and Downforce, we're carrying close to $30k in inventory. We have most Downforce parts in stock, or can ship within a short time frame.

-- Chris
Do the DF wide front fenders utilize the OEM inner fender liners without modification? Estimate on shipping cost to Florida 32205? PM or
[email protected]
Do the DF wide front fenders utilize the OEM inner fender liners without modification? Estimate on shipping cost to Florida 32205? PM or
[email protected]

Yes. This is the first wide fender I am aware of that preserves the fender liners. I'll send you a quote to your e-mail.

-- Chris
*SIGH* Alas, still no power switch bezels:frown:

I assume you're speaking about the replacements for the seats? These are being worked on, but the complexity of the mold is requiring a new approach. Rest assured it is a part still on the drawing board.

-- Chris
I just bought the OEM style CF side scoops and they come out with something better. Oh well. Do the GT style side scoops have a mesh too?
Yes the new scoops come with mesh

And on the seat switch assembly covers we have one almost ready to produce a part and the other side is half way . So I will let Chris know as soon as I have a release date . :biggrin:

Does the Downforce battery undertray work on NA1 without removing the battery plate/bar assembly (part#3 in the second pic below)?

NA1 and NA2 battery plate/bar are different, are there clearance issues with NA1?


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