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New NSX NA1 Owner (Japan) / New Prime member

3 December 2015
Good Day,

I recently just picked up a black 1991 NA1 Honda NSX. It has about 134,000 KM on the odometer and is in pretty good condition from what I can tell. The clutch is a little rough mainly coming out of first gear but seems to smoothen out in other gears. I only have one picture for now until I can upload more at a later time considering I just picked it up a few days ago. I've lurked the forums of prime for a while before deciding to sell my Skyline R32 in favor of the NSX. I did run my skyline at the track quite a bit and it was a pretty fun car, but not so much for mountain driving here. On another note I don't have many plans right now for modifications until these issues get sorted out. First and foremost I need a new tail light assembly as the middle piece is broken and two screws are gone. The small Styrofoam pieces on all four are pretty much melted onto the metal and there is a decent amount of moisture in the tail lights. Will also have to get all four gaskets replaced due to age and being worn out. I believe both tails have cracks in them and I'm on the hunt for new ones or used (good) right now, but many shops are unable to pinpoint any tail light sets right now. Secondly I need a new head cover gasket which is already on order so that shouldn't be a problem. Third, it sounds and feels like the left rear tire bearings have had enough so that will need fixing. So far everything else seems to be okay. I'm happy to be a part of the NSX community and look forward to hearing from everyone! I'll be sure to post more pictures soon.


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Welcome! I have the same issue with my tail lights, but it hasn't kept me from enjoying the car.
Congrats, the noise from the wheels could possibly be bad brakes. I thought I had faulty bearings once too. Turned out to be the crappiest set of brake pads you could imagine was installed prior to me owning. Sounded awful when driving or braking. I'd kill to have those Japanese parts on tap over there!
Welcome to an awesome forum/ownership.
Thanks for the warm welcome ^.^ and I appreciate the link david as well as the potential brake issue Jinks. Hopefully next week I can upload some pictures of the car after my trip to the Tokyo Auto Salon. I've been pretty busy at work, so I haven't had much time to mess around with the NSX much.
Congratulations on taking the plunge from the R32 which is a very different beast. I was at the Kinokuni Enterprises booth at the last Tokyo Auto Salon. Living close to the Kansai airport.
Thanks! Giving up the R32 was actually tough at first, but definitely worth the trade off of owning an NSX! NSXWayne, you live in the Osaka area?
Welcome to the forum. Iwakuni guy I'm guessing?

I'm over at Yokota near Tokyo with a 1990 myself. I had an NSX before I had my R32 GTR...very different vehicles. I preferred the NSX (more reliable, better build quality, just more solid in general), so I got back into one, but I still have the GTR.
[MENTION=17420]usafdarkhorse[/MENTION]: You are correct indeed. I'm sure you see a lot more car activity being up closer to Tokyo. There are tons of GTR in the Yamuguchi area and s13-15. [MENTION=31645]Lude_2_NSX[/MENTION]: Thanks!
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Kamenosuke. I live in Izumisano close to the KIX airport. Almost no NSX's in this area. 0724-64-5640 I'm a Japan NSX Club member.
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