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30 March 2001
Asburn, VA 20147
This is my take on he article in the new Automobile magazine. The 2002 NSX on the cover is simply a slightly restyled version of the current model. It looks as if the only changes are to the front fascia, hood and rocker panels. This version will be out for two years and then be replaced with the next generation NSX due out in 2004. The 2004 version will probably be completely restyled, although it will continue to utilize the aluminum body and a V-6 pushed to 3.4 liters with 350 BHP.
This is the way I understand the news brief to read. Has anybody else read it?
There's no way they would change body panels for just two years of production when they're only selling a couple hundred cars a year.

Also keep in mind that these photos are little more than pure speculation; they do not picture an actual car and they do not come from inside Honda.