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Interior New oem Ivory parts. Floor mats, sidelining etc.

15 August 2016
For sale. I can trade for clear front side markers plus cash on either end depending on what the buyer is interested in.

Ivory floor mat set. Brand new, sealed packaging. Purchased from Mita.
My price is 320 shipped. Retails for 380+shipping. SOLD!

D7761A5D-87E7-4788-BCDC-6F73DFDB36CC by Xavi, on Flickr
91713A58-6AEC-4038-B60F-1BF2F459B623 by Xavi, on Flickr

Set of ivory interior garnish, comes with ivory fuel switch. Brand new, purchased from Mita.
My price is 240 shipped. Retails for 250+shipping. SOLD!
3825A460-D4B1-4AB5-B666-B7137CAFA6A5 by Xavi, on Flickr
219B4AB5-FB03-4425-9EF3-64317D87DC65 by Xavi, on Flickr
9369F6A6-FB56-41DF-8E0F-56F69B33283C by Xavi, on Flickr
238E0F6F-472C-4853-B136-0CACC1B2B2EA by Xavi, on Flickr

Ivory sidelining set in good condition. The carpet pieces by the footwell are in great shape. They are painted but the match is pretty spot on. I have a brand new lining to compared it to. These items are discontinued from Honda.
Price is 180 shipped.
DA48AB26-BDE1-4383-91AA-73A1D4119A46 by Xavi, on Flickr
CEF98040-0C82-4555-BFB9-6275EEEA715F by Xavi, on Flickr
6B64A9BA-3425-4F80-A42F-48BE1C83F555 by Xavi, on Flickr

Ivory passenger sidelining. Brand new, opened the packaging to compare to the used sidelinings. Purchased from Mita for 165$
My price is 115 shipped.
A5A3ACD1-7F2E-4857-BEFE-1D57F795DB35 by Xavi, on Flickr
0CBC0636-DE1B-4246-8DC4-6ACED398C3F6 by Xavi, on Flickr
EA6E6DB0-2AD5-4234-8600-C59CF35D03CC by Xavi, on Flickr

Ivory interior fuse cover. Brand new
Price is 40$ shipped. Retails for 50+shipping. SOLD!
3081C675-A912-4BFA-92DF-C0614C30D2EF by Xavi, on Flickr

The shipping is included but I prefer if the payment is sent as friends and family. Also, I can add signature required for no additional cost. Pickup is available in NYC.

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