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New Oil Filter 15400-PL2-505

26 February 2003
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
Hey guys, finally ran out of my stock pile so picked up 5 new oil filters from Fairview Acura. Looks like they've replaced my beloved 15400-PL2-004 with this new shorter version made by Filtech in the USA bearing a new Part #15400-PL2-505? New parts guy at Acura claims thats what it shows in the system now for the NSX.

I know this has been hammered on the fourms already & I've read many other postings on the board mentioning the 15400-PL2-315... but I've never seen this one before it noticeably shorter than the original 004. Anyone else run into this? Does this mean I should change my oil sooner? They calimed at the dealership treat it the same... :confused:

I also know the Denso version which looks the same as the OEM is avail in the US. Does anyone know of a Denso dealer in the golden horseshoe area or GTA area that can get it? DENSO

A couple snaps from my camera phone...


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