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NEW (old) NSX factory video

19 February 2004
Twin Ring Motegi
I have a "new" old video for you guys.

I pulled the clips off of an old BestMotoring Video Special on VHS from 1990. The video was released in conjunction with the introduction of the Honda NSX in Japan. Among other things it includes a rather in depth look at the factory and the NSX build process.

Here's the link: factory.mov (22.3 MB, QuickTime file)

There will be other segments to follow (as long as my server holds up).
THANK YOU MOTEGI!!!! That is an awesome download. Thank you for hosting it. :) <IMG SRC="http://www.nsxprime.com/forums/images/icons/icon14.gif">
I'm glad you all liked the first part. I'll get to work on the next segment this weekend!

Things that surprised me in the first clip were the flexibility (dare I say flimsiness) of the floorpan before the front and rear sections were welded on. Also the amount of hand sanding and attention to fitment of the various body pieces during assembly... I guess that validates the price of the car. I doubt they have so many people sanding and hammering on each Civic off the assembly line.
Indeed. We all know that the car is hand built, but seeing how much attention to detail and care is put into the fit and finish of each car is awesome to watch and know that the same care was put into each of our cars.
yeah...what he said ^^^^^ much thanks!! love to see stuff like this..hope somebody can make it work
Unfortunately, I don't have it. I'm hoping the OP, or another member, does and will respond soon.
Perhaps someone could put it on P2P :wink:
Someone send me that video and i'll post @ my server for downloads ... yes i can get big emails ... PM if ANYONE has it ..

I have the complete video if it's the one in J A Panese on my You Tube e-mail. A friend in the UK sent it to me.
If it's the same one i'd be glad to post it if you can tell me how to do it. I'm a complete computer idiot.