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New owner in ABQ.

25 April 2010
Albuquerque, NM
Hello all,
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I just picked up a 1994 Red/Tan and brought her back from Cali. I would love to meet up with other NSX enthusiasts in the ABQ area.
Hope to hear from y'all soon,
Hey Chris, Welcome.

My name is Drew, I live in Santa Fe but I'm always in ABQ. I own a '94 Brookland Green NSX.
There are several of us in the ABQ area. One great place to meet up is at Cars and Coffee at 7600 Jefferson St. and Sun Ave. EVERY Saturday morning, Same parking lot as Starbucks. It is from 8:00- 10:00am. Meet at the Hello Deli @ 8 for breakfast/coffee.
There are usually One or more NSX owners there, myself included. You never know what cars will show up from exotics to street machines and all around cool cars. I (we) look forward to meeting with you.

I realize it's late (now). If you're interested in going this Sat. Sept 22 shoot me an email early like @ 6:45am, and I'll get down there and notify the others that there is a new owner. If not, I'll meet you next time!:smile:
Check your PM.
Hi Chris

Welcome to the NSX Club of New Mexico, aka "The Road Runners". We are a small group, but a passionate one. We have social events, track days, auto shows, and next month we have our "Fall Color Tour" in the mountains of northern NM.

Most of us have modified NSX's. As such, we are a knowledgeable bunch and can help you with any questions you have about your car. We even have a competitive driving instructor in our club. We are fortunate to have a great tuner in town (Motiva Performance), and Montano Acura is a good resource as well.

Please let us know how to get in touch with you so that we can arrange a meeting.


Hello Chris. Welcome to NSX ownership. My name is Don and along with Drew and Philippe we are glad to have another owner in ABQ. Looking forward to meeting you soon.

Thank you all for the warm welcome!

A quick background; I have been an avid follower of the NSX since it's inception and now I have realized a dream. The car is a 94 Red/Tan with slight mods (Comptech Headers, Taitech exhaust and others) the typical IHE sort of thing.

I raced with the local SCCA a few years back in a 01 Prelude. I had the pleasure of driving Spencers car a few years back. He is a great help in all things track related and NSX related for that matter.

I coach YAFL football so my Saturdays are a little full right now, but look forward to C and C's after the season.

The Northern Fall color run sounds great!

My e-mail is: [email protected]

I look forward to meeting everyone, thanks again for the warm New Mexico welcome!
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Welcome, I don't own a NSX but it's good to see a new one in town and always look forward to meeting new people.

Congrats on fulfilling at least one dream, they are great cars that's for sure!
Thanks for the welcome from the s2000 group! Hope to see/meet you guys on the Fall Color Run.