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New Owner

9 June 2012
Just bought my first NSX.
Thank you forum members for helping me finally decide to pull the trigger.
I've been brousing this site for years and I've found the posts to be really helpful.
By the way - my car is a 1996 NSX-T, new formula red with black int.
It has 45,000 miles and was 1 of 1 of this color sold in Canada that year.
Its all original and mint condition.
I couldn't be happier.
I'm on the East coast of Newfoundland, Canada - about as far East as you can get in North America, unless you want to get very wet.
I picked it up in Halifax yesterday and had to put it on a ferry ( very scary since it has a lowering kit ) and than drove 800 km ( 500 miles to you US readers ) to get it to its new home. Best drive I've ever had !
Isn't it a great feeling to get your hands on your very own NSX?!! Congrats -- and welcome -- great car and great forum! Cheers, Jay

Now,,,, we need some pics !! :smile:
Congrats but like everyone would say for a newbie picspicspicspics
Congrats... welcome... and as you probably already know, it is the fastest color :smile: , ey

It is a beautiful car...
Congrats and welcome to the club.

Don't listen to any of the Blue, Silver, Black, Yellow, or White owners. RED is the best color!
Congrats and welcome to NSX ownership. Now go have more fun with it.:biggrin:
Congrats and welcome to ownership !

Looks like factory JDM fog lights up front?

Many safe miles to you :smile: