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New owner

So i tried the grease this weekend and most of rattle is gone. But i also noticed the lower 1/3 of seal had folded inward toward the glass. It must have been that way for a while with the previous owner but i pulled it out, applied the shin-etsu and have the seal properly aligned on the glass again. Did a quick drive and most of the rattle is gone but still a bit. I think the seal needs a little time to lose the folded "memory" as it is still not perfectly flush with the glass after I fixed it. But think once it settles the rattle will be gone. Seal and the grease fix definitely fixing it!

I thought it may have been due to the A pillar cover being removed by original owner for radar install but that does not appear to be the case. Loving this car! Thanks again for advice - much appreciated!


Thanks for the update. May be I didn't put enough on the seal using Q tips. I'll try again this spring.