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New pics from Japan

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Originally posted by nsxtasy:
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works fine now.

NSX footage seems a little limited -- one black car, and no shots of r_cey looking 2002 cars

The NSX Freak page gives you better examples of aftermarket NSX kits, IMO.



wrong again, that is the 99 spec Arta NSX. Note the difference in aerodynamics.

G Dummy~

Faster than stock.
:D :D :D
Who here can tell me the name of the manufacturer or where I can get the hood that is on the white NSX with the big red H logo? It looks like Dali but has the built in lip. MUST FIND HOOD!!
I thought you were selling the Marga Hills hoods? The white NSX above doesn't have Marga Hills, but some other kind. Or is it that you have both hoods for sale?
Originally posted by gheba_nsx:
That IS Mark J.'s car and if I am not wrong it is in Holland. It is the Norcini NSX.

Wait for the java slideshow to load: http://www.daliracing.com/v666-5/gallery/gallery_norcini_showroom/index.cfm

I love the pearl color of the car...

Me too - especially with the Bronze TE37 we stuck on it:)

so -

Yes, That is my car.

Yes, it is in Holland on display in the Honda of Holland corporate headquarters showroom.

No, the hood on it IS NOT a Marga Hills hood - it is a one off in 100% CF made in England for the previous owner of the car & weighs ~ 6 lbs. The reason you see 4 hood pins (one at each corner) is because it has no hinge nuts built into it.

Yes we are going to make some this year.

need more info? please private me @

[email protected]

Mark Johnson, CEO of Custodial Services @ Dali Racing, a Not For Profit Company.
Originally posted by Andrie Hartanto:

is the guy in england is the one who make the same hood for realtime? The hood looks awefully similar. As well with the le mans cars.

It certainly could be but I was never told who it was - I'm making them here in San Diego, and we will not charge $4-8K for them. Of course if you want to pay that much I don't mind.

need more info? please private me @

[email protected]

Mark Johnson, CEO of Custodial Services @ Dali Racing, a Not For Profit Company.