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New pictures (56k warning)

26 November 2004
Central Cali
New pictures :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:



that's a very, very nice looking NSX. I have always loved the red with black top look and I'm very glad to see you've left yours that way.

Great looking car. Congrat's and enjoy.
Man those pictures were so clean I saved them as screensavers in my rotating picture program. Thanks.
Very clean looking nsx! It really does look like a brand new car!
Not to mention excellent photo shooting. :biggrin:
Vizal said:
I agree. Look at the front spoiler- no curb rash. Wow! Good driving. :smile:

How do you get on with the revised air filter? Is it a K & N? and what's the induction noise like. I had one on my S2000 and loved the harmonics!

Very nice car, I would have your stock wheels, but I'm across the pond, and shipping costs would be prohibitive.
Wow, that is drop-dead gorgeous. Has just the right patina. I wouldn't change a thing. Resist the urge to "make it better". It can't be done. Expend your efforts on keeping it looking just like it does now. Don't mod it, just keep it clean and waxed. I wouldn't even change tire brands.
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Nobody mentioned....but what's up with the rear plate??? Is that a photoshop?? I can't imagine California having a option for cool fonts for their plates. If so damn!!! that's wicked :D:D
Do you have pics of the spare tire compartment?