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New posts search stopped working for me

12 October 2001
Wellington, FL
Sorry if this is a repost or covered somewhere. I did a search and read over threads for the past 10 days....

I log on about once a day and I used to click 'new posts' to see the latest posts. For the past 3 days I have been getting the following message:

vBulletin Message
Sorry - no matches. Please try some different terms.

Forum Jump

I know there are new posts in the threads. I used to receive anywhere from 80 to 150 thread updates w/ new posts in a given 24-36 hour period. Did something change? Do I need to update my particulars somewhere?
I have been having thsi same problem for the last couple of weeks, but only on this computer. I am wondering what is wrong also.
Is it a cache thing?
Bilulan said:
I deleted all my internet history, cookies, etc and now it works again!

I cleared up some things and I am back to normal as well.