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new product focus: ScienceofSpeed Fuel Pump & Accessory Power Distribution Kit

19 January 2001
Chandler, AZ
<img src="http://scienceofspeed.com/products/engine_performance_products/NSX/ScienceofSpeed/fuel_pump_power_distribution_kit/powerkit_450.jpg" align="right">New high capacity in-tank turbine fuel pumps being used today (Aeromotive 340 LPH, Walbro 400 LPH) have increased electrical current demands. The factory fuel pump power system is not designed to support the current draw of these pumps. The performance of these pumps are degraded to the point of flowing less volume that lower rated fuel pumps when installed with the factory fuel pump wiring.

ScienceofSpeed has designed a high capacity electrical power distribution kit for fuel pumps requiring more than 10 amps of current (however, this kit can be used with any fuel pump where the additional switched power sources are required). This kit, which supplies power to the fuel pump by way of fine strand 12 ga wire, includes factory connector terminals - allowing customers to install the upgraded power distribution system with out any cutting of the factory electrical harness required.

A copy of our technical overview of the wiring kit is available here (a copy is shown below):
http://scienceofspeed.com/products/...erview - fuel pump power distribution kit.pdf

We now offer complete "plug-and-play" kits including the Aeromotive 340 LPH and Walbro 400 LPH pumps. These pumps, which are sold online on other websites as "complete" do not have the proper filter, lower bushing, or insulator to fit on the NSX fuel tank hanger bracket. We supply each pump with an installation kit that allows direct installation to the NSX with out additional purchases.

You can find the three pumps we offer here:

Walbro 255 LPH (HP):

Aeromotive 340 LPH:

Walbro 400 LPH:

A comparison graph of these pumps can be found here:

technical overview:
Practical Fuel Pump Testing for High Horsepower Turbocharged NSX

Re: new product focus: ScienceofSpeed Fuel Pump & Accessory Power Distribution Kit

I have a few questions, I apologize in advance if these are dumb things to ask. :)

1. What are the advantages of upgrading over the OEM setup?
2. Depending on how #1 is answered, at what point should one consider this type of upgrade? (i.e. going from NA to FI? Exceeding 400WHP, etc..) I see the test was performed with a FI 750HP NSX, so I wanted to ask this to see how this pertains to lower HP vehicles as most of us have here.
3. I've heard some vehicles have a "whining" sound to them and several have indicated its the fuel pump. Do all of the aftermarket fuel pumps do this, or is it specific to a certain brand, etc?

Any other information you can provide as guidance is appreciated.

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Re: new product focus: ScienceofSpeed Fuel Pump & Accessory Power Distribution Kit

Those are good questions:

1. For applications that don't require the current to supply the larger pumps, this is not required.
2. Generally, this is recommended for applications requiring 10 amps or more (the Walbro 255 LPH HP pump will not require this, and will supply enough fuel for around 580 horsepower using gasoline).
3. The Walbro 255 LPH impeller pumps are *slightly* louder than the factory pump. Really, not a big deal. The Aeromotive 340 LPH and Walbro 400 LPH turbine pumps are very quite - I can not tell a difference between the factory pump.

-- Chris