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New project started again

19 July 2002
Well this is my third Nsx and here I go again. I just ordered a set of Iforged wheels from Tim at wheel Boutiuqe. I went with the seven spoke Sprint model in high polish finish. He said he could have them for me in 3-4 weeks. I went with 18x8 front and 19x10 rear. Only $3640.00 with Bridgestone tires mounted, balanced and shipped to my door. I also ordered the Wings west full kit. I will also be painting my bumper and hood while installing the ground effects. I am a Finance mgr at a Cadillac store in Wisconsin and we have a very good body shop here. I am contiplating on painting the roof and front fenders. Do you think it would be better to also paint the fenders when painting the bumper and hood?
if you are going to drop mega bucks on the nsx, (as you did for the ifoged wheels). and you have the connection to the bodyshop. Might as well fix whatever that's less than perfect on your nsx... so you can put your poor buying experience behind.

I strongly against putting the wing west rear sprats... I learnt my lesson. 02+ OEM is the way to go. Also, do a search on how to modify the side skirt so it'll not deformed. If you decided to put the WW rear sprats, do not use any tape, glue, sticky agent as the instruction stated. Rivet, screw, bolt and tape could be good. (Fill the ugly spot then painted if needed.) I'm not going to details here, but my rear sprats fell off and rear tire caught it. The mounting screw procceed to cut the fender paint and trim the fender well and liner....nasty... and costly to repair.
I wasn't sure on the rear spats. How much is a oem-02 rear cost? I also dont know about painting beyond the hood and rear bumper. I will be supporting the side skirts with braces.
The rear spats can be installed in a manner that keeps them looking good over an extended period of time. However, it requires something much more than the included double-sided adhesive tape. That's stuff isn't worth a darn. An experienced body shop should be able to use stronger adhesive and/or epoxy to bond the spats to the bumper. I also attached a small metal bracket to the front of the spat and my fender liner to prevent the spat from twisting/drooping out. When installed right, the spats do offer a look that I find to be rather appealing, particularly from the side view.

The 2002+ valence, however, does look very good, particularly from the rear view. Fit and finish are what you would expect from an OEM piece. Keep in mind, though, that the exhaust outlet opening pretty much limits you to single tip exhausts. If you're a fan of quad tip exhausts for your NSX (like me :D), you might want to stick with the WW spats.

Well, I got the estimate today. To paint and install the wings west body kit and modify the side skirts from sagging and brace the rear spats with a couple off screws and fill in the holes. Also install and paint the new CF louvered hood, front bumper,front fenders,both mirrors all for $1700.00. what do you think. They are going to blend into the rear of the doors. I was told 7-14 days for it all.I could have the whole car painted for a extra $1000.00. This is from the bodyshop at my work.