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New Ride...

29 August 2003
Houston, TX
Well, I have reasons that I wanted to move to a car with a back seat, so here's my new ride.

It's a 2005 C55 AMG, Capri Blue with Nav/Xenons. The car is fast as hell. It doesn't quite have the handling of the NSX, but it is NOT far different from an M3 and its a much more solid luxurious car than the M3.

The AMG SpeedShift tranny is much better than you would even expect. If you haven't driven one, it's a real treat. The shifting is quick and it has torque converter lock-up for a more direct feel.

The engine in the C55 is a 5.4L 3V V8 w/ 362hp/379 ft. lb of torque. The C55 weighs 100lb more than an M3 and 300lb less than the manual tranny S4, 500lb less than the auto.

It is a truly great car. For 2005 (the switch from C32 to C55), Mercedes actually put the CLK55 AMG's front end on the C55. So, from the firewall forward, it is a CLK. This is the only car for which AMG actually changes the sheetmetal from the base model car.

My NSX will be for sale in Houston, probably at Autodynamics, in about 2 months. (yes, that's with the NSX-R suspension and brake upgrades, but I'm taking the clutch with me (joke))







Congratulations on a nice car! How common are those in your area? I haven't seen too many here in Southern California, surprisingly.
wow, buying a car from NXcess is scary.

Before I got my NSX, I went to check out a Porsche 911 there. I was reassured many times by the Rep that the car has never had any accidents. My cousin, who is pretty much a mechanic came to check the car out. I wasn't able to notice, but one look and he was able to tell that all the panels have had work done to it. In fact, if you looked real closely, they were not even the same color!!

I live less than a mile away from that place, and on occassion, I see wrecked cars on open bed trailers making their way into the back of the showroom. I personally don't trust that place, but looks like a beautiful car! Good luck!!!
I agree. I actually bought my NSX there and found out later that there was some "issues" that were not disclosed to me. THey really are a bunch of crooked people there.

Some time last year they were busted for selling cars with bad titles and then the co. had a change of owner as a result. The new owner was the brother or something. It was kinda a big deal here in Houston. On the news and everything.

Hope everything works out for you with your new MB, it looks great. Good luck and dont take this as an attempt to bad mouth NXcess, just wanted to pass on the knowledge and give you a heads up.
I actually didn't buy the car from them. Sanjay over at Autodynamics bought the car from them, and I bought the car from him (at a very good price). I don't like NXcess either, but a used 2005 C55 is VERY hard to find and there were only two available in Houston, and I don't like silver cars! There were 0 new C55s available in Houston at all. One nice thing about the C55 is that like the NSX, there just are not a lot of them around.
Congratulation. The C55 and E55 are realy nice cars, I see them all the time on the streets here. I realy love the AMG sound. Personally I would go for an E55 AMG T-Model. Its the ultimate family car besides the RS6 :biggrin:
The C55 was beyond the top of my price range, by about $7k (USD). I just got lucky with some help from my Dad. If I was looking at the E55 price range, I'd wait for then new M5. I like naturally aspirated motors.