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New to board - Please Help!

26 May 2001
Cape Canaveral, Florida
Help please!
I’m new to the board and over 60 miles away from an Acura dealership. I am at the mercy of “small town know how”, and would prefer to perform my own general maintenance. I recently purchased an oil extractor from Griot’s garage based on the FAQ on this site’s “do-it-yourself oil change” thread. I am hoping each time I change the oil this will eliminate removing the drain bolt, replacing the crush washer, and jacking up the NSX on all 4’s and removing the rear passenger wheel to access the draining oil. When I receive the oil extractor I will be ready to replace the oil (changing from Quaker 10W30 to Mobil 1 10W30) and Acura oil filter.

1. The maintenance thread had a note…” don't forget to buy the washer that you'll need for installing each filter.”
Are there two washers…one for the drain plug and one for the oil filter?

2. Can I get to the oil filter without removing jacking up the car and removing the passenger wheel?
1. Just one washer, for the drain plug.

2. The service manual specifies removal of the right rear wheel, but the oil filter can be changed without jacking and without removing the wheel.
Having recently changed my oil without ever doing it before(on the NSX), here's some sugestions. The local Acura dealer gave me a washer when I bought a oil filter from him. I had to jack up the back of the car from one jack point very little to get under the back of the car. Drain plug is very easy to get to, as well as the oil filter. Took about 10 mins. to change. Lay some towels across the top of the 1/4 panel as not to scratch the paint when filling up with oil. I didn't know about instructions, but should have looked them up. Oh well, take care, John.