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New Updated Widebody Pics........

1 February 2005
........But i had a run in with a tire before taking these pics :mad:





and yes....wheels are concave up front and in the rear..no spacers :biggrin:
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Looks good...at least you didn't hit a ladder on the freeway like I did with my 996TT. Ripped off my front spoiler and even got airborn- lots of fun.
Damn that thing is a beast. Tastefully done. I'm sorry to hear about the run in with the tire. Did you hit it on the freeway? How fast were you going?
actually hit it on the offramp, going about 45 mph

Whats the specs for the wheels?
+22 front w/ 245/40/18 and +18 rear w/ 285/40/18

I think it's the ver. 1 Sorcery. The ver. 2 kit front fenders bend back flush to the body (no overhang).
Its actually a little bit of both, everything is ver 1 except the front bumper, that was mixmatched/chopped

But thanks again for all the comments....everything is actually alot worst than it looks, the fenders are cracked on both sides....almost sheared completely in half, the left fender is cracked in two spots, the front lip is completely cracked in half on the right side..so i guess its times for a rebuild?
Wow, that really sucks that it happened. Never saw that kit on a red Nsx before until now. It looks nice.
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Verrry nice! Sorry to hear about the tire mishap. The sorcery kit is one of my favorites. The wheel setup is really nice and definitely functional...Any rubbing issues up front with those tires?