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New wheel bearing set

12 June 2002
Brunei/ UK
Had mine installed last Thursday. Car runs smooth and quiet now. Tomorrow will be coil packs and valve cover gasket replacement. Hopefully engine will be strong as new.


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how long before you wheel bearings gave out?? Or is this even the reason why you had them changed?
I guess one factor is that its a 91 NSX and driven almost everyday for the past 4 years and the road condition in my area is not that good. It took me about three months to get the bearing here and the day I sent the car to the workshop is the day the part arrive at the dealership. The mechanic said the bearing is very much worn out on the right side. It think I've been driving the car almost a year after noticing the sound coming out from the wheel bearings. The bearing is ball bearing type and not roller type as my friends have speculated. When mine gave out well almost, I could here the sound of metal twisting or crunching when moving the car out of the garage and coming to a stop. It teally freaked me out. But luck is on my side. Everything is going well now. Car run smoother and quieter, engine stop misfiring and idling is okay now. Still waiting for my Bilstein shocks to arrive and then I can install and align my wheels.
Milage when bought 17k. Milage when bearing was removed 75k. I can never get bored with this car. :smile:

goldNSX said:
how many miles?
Our BND currency exchange is USD1 equal to BND1.7. I got the two sets of bearing for BND1200.

hybridnsx said:
How much did the bearings cost ya?