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New Year Garage Sale (test pipes, ignition coils, injectors, cheap CT cams*, free junk)

30 October 2016
Austin, TX
Clearing out some parts that I've been tripping over for too long. You probably clicked here for the cams, and yes there is a catch.

OG Comptech Camshafts. Some lobes have some damage that will need to be repaired. Supposedly the engine they came out of was doing fine. I was told not to run these by my machinist without having them repaired, I guess they could be considered interesting memorabilia as well, they were in @austrian type-R race car for a long time. (If you're reading this, please let me know if you want these back I've asked several times via Facebook in between our other conversations on there and received no reply so I'm assuming the answer is no) $500



Stainless test pipes and hardware, unsure of the brand but the welds look great. $250

IMG_5988 (1).jpg

Brand new set of 1995+ ignition coils and electrical connectors to convert 91-94 cars to use these. The 95+ coils are 3 wire, the 91-94 coils are 2 wire, the connectors included with this will allow you to use these 95+ coils in a 91-94 car. These connectors are not available for purchase anywhere new, I had to find them in a scrap yard. $200


Brand new OsideTiger Denso 330cc injectors. They claim no tuning needed but they also have no data or testing to back that up other than a lack of CEL, and frankly from a tuners perspective its an utterly horrible idea to change injectors without fully retuning, and I was going to install them and see how the engine does on dyno as well as see if there were any gains to be had by properly tuning these injectors, but to do that I'd have to go back to a factory fuel pump and intake and I'm not willing to do that at this point. They have these listed for $250 on their ebay store, includes injectors, adapters, and an injector resistor box plug. $150


Engine compartment fan. $30


Free Stuff

AC belt tensioner assembly. Some of the parts are discontinued in the US but still available in Japan. Pulley feels smooth.

Throttle body gasket. These things are weirdly expensive even from Amayama at $60. This one is from a C30 with 60k miles on it, rubber is still in good shape.

Intake manifold with some cuts from a grinder in it, it's been sitting on my back porch for....a while. I was going to try to make ITB manifolds out of this then realized cutting it myself was more than I could chew.


Magnesium bathtub thing that goes on the bottom of the intake manifold.

CCV and coolant pipe thing connecting to the rear valve cover, vacuum line.

OEM rear lower ball joint with ~120k miles on it. No play, new boot. Not available from Honda or Acura.

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