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Newbeeee! Are all NSX post 1994 targa's?

To get a quick answer... NO. There were a few non T (targa) top car made as well as the 50 Zanardi edition NSXs which were all fixed roof cars. However the links provided by the others will show exact numbers but without having to search...the answer would be "no" there were some fixed roof cars made.
Originally posted by justin hall:
huh... can you tell me what the "t" stands for then?

I think that the "T" is inherently understood to stand for "Targa", but I have previously been told that the term "Targa" was coined specifically by Porsche to designate a model of their car. Wether or not it is a copyrighted term I do not know. It's the same reason why we don't see multiple manufacturers using the same names for cars. Imagine if Chevrolet wanted to name their new car "NSX". I don't think it would go over so well with the folks over at Honda.