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Newbie questions

12 April 2001
Garland, TX, USA
Hi NSX lovers
I am new to this board. I don't have a NSX yet but I will get one soon. I like the targa version (I own a convertible now). What model year should I look at if I want to do some serious mods later (supercharged, maybe)? In term of reliability, is there a model year that NSX have a lot of problems?
Any good web sites for NSX preference?
Thanks for any input.
ps: Could someone in the Dallas area give me a ride in their NSX???
The FAQ goes through changes by model year and gives performance numbers for the 3.0L and 3.2L versions. As far as reliability, there are no issues related to a particular model year, except the snap ring (also in FAQ).

If you are commited to a targa, that means 1995 or newer, so the real issue is do you want a 5 spd/3.0L car or a 6 spd/3.2L car. In my opinion, the most important difference between the two is the transmission.

There is no significant difference in terms of mods available by model year. The car changed very little, so almost any performance part is available for all model years.