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Next Gen NSX accuracy

26 August 2001
Virginia, USA
Whoever obtained the drawing (Lud?) how accurate is it? I know it says that it's from a Honda insider and is the final approved design but good god...it's beautiful. After 13 hours of work seeing that image reassured me of the reason why I work so damn hard
Thanks for the new news!
It's April 1st? What the hell happened to Mar 31? Damn, been writing and talking to everyone like it was Mar 31. I'm such a dummy when it comes to end of months/years
Good joke though,

Heh, come to think of it the first thing that hit me when I saw the front page was, "Man, lot of news today." Didn't register why since the next gen NSX fake got me so hyped up.

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Originally posted by grippgoat:
What kind of car *is* it? It looks familiar, but I can't place it.

You didn't look in that link I gave above, did ya?