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Next N.H. meet?

11 February 2000
Half Moon Bay, CA, USA
I was out to lake Winnipesaukee this weekend visiting my family and was introduced to a friend of my sister's who is looking into buying a car. A Porsche. I'm trying to do him a favor and talk him out of it, and he thinks the NSX just may be the right thing to do.

When is your next meet? I'd like him to meet you guys and maybe get a ride/drive to test the waters.

Thanks in advance.
Rich, if you read this, I must say that I miss the events you used to set up. They were always a good time.
Actually also miss Larry B's Poker Rallys. :frown:

Have him contact me and we can set up a time to get together. I live in Dover so if he is from NH it wouldn't be a long trip for him. If you are still in the area drag him over to the coast and we'll meet up.

On the event front. I think the Mechanics Direct event is going to be the last one in the NH area this year. Keith, I'm with you, Rich is one of the best at organizing events. NSXNH has been the highlight of our summers the last few years. Hopefully, things will work out for something next year.

[email protected] if you guys want to contact me. I'll send you my cell phone number on a PM if you want to call.