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Nice Noble.

I like the M14, nice...

umm, what is this in USA dollars?? i try to convert from time to time, but i seriously don't know what their currency is over there and what the symbol means... lol

That is the British pound. Currently, 1.893 dollars to the pound.

$141,910. :frown: :frown: :frown:

You may be able to get the VAT back, say approx. 20%, which would reduce the price to around $115k US, but then you have to get it here.

There are some Nobles in the US that come up for sale from time to time, usually in the $90k range.
Place here in town sells them. They order the power train and body then have a local guy put them together in about 40 hours. I imagine the price is without assembly. But I think they are shy of $100K... Talk about low to the ground ...
Yeah, That's the M400 which has around 425 hp stock reportedly in England but probably more here in the USA. Even though we use the same engine, AHR who rebuilds the Duratec engine blueprints and balances the engine which is not the standard practice in England. The M400 looks very similar to the M12 but there are differences in the suspension,linkage, turbochargers, and of course, engine programming. The internal engine changes listed for the British M400 are already done to the AHR Duratec engines here in the states. The guy in Indy is Greg Raab and he is a former IRL mechanic. He has was working on a Noble to achieve over 500 HP :eek: He is a good guy and I would recommend him highly for anyone interested (He did our car).

That's beautiful...

It's nice seeing different things at the track...

In a couple of weekends I'm going to go to a Vintage Race... cars back in the early 1900's n stuff..

Gonna be neat to see em..

I think people are being confused by the ad for the M14, which is Noble's new "supercar" and the pictures at the start of the thread that are of the M12, Noble's "sports car". When all is said and done, the M12 runs about US $75k, and I don't know if they're importing the M14 to the US quite yet.

Interestingly enough, on a wet track, both the M12 and the NSX-R ran 1.33's on the Top Gear test track.
Actually, it's the M400 which is slightly different than the M12 GTO3R. The M400 designation is because it has 400 HP / Ton of car weight. It costs a little over 10K more than the M12 GTO3R. You get a better handling car, more power, better seats, better shift linkage, worse ride, no AC. Most would say that it is a better track car than daily driver, especially if you have bad roads like in MI. Overall appearance though is pretty much the same except for the side scoops. Tim