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No more NOS from RM Racing...why?

i thought nos was a common nsx performance mod? a lot of guys i've met seem to be running a 50 or 100 shot
No, the cars didn't blow up.

I expect sales were just too low to bother continuing to carry the kit. They have discontinued a few NSX products now. With huge C5 and S2000 aftermarket parts sales I can undertsand why.
RM's NOS kit was perfectly safe and there were tons of NSXs out there with their kit.

My theory.....
Fast and the Furious

NOS is a legitimate power mod for certain applications used in some professional racing. However, the film above was so bad, and so embarassing, that the repercussions on the community were irrecoverable. All NOS users must now cower in shame due to the unfortunate horror that was
The Fast and the Furious.

I believe that is what caused them to discontinue the product.