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Noise from the rear wheels. Solutions

17 November 2002
Santa Barbara, CA, USA
I had this problem-a clicking noise, and for me it turned out to be the center caps not being tightly bound. Others found some corrosion at the wheel hub. I saw this note from Chris Wilson in his response to someone asking if the wheel spacers were the cause of the noise.

I tried to post a copy of what Chris said, but you cannot just paste stuff. I hate this!





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I was finally able to attach a pdf of the email that Chris Wilson sent with respect to the spacers. See above
I had the clicking noise in my nsx and the solutions is lubricating the clips around the brake rotors. Apparently maclarens suffer from the same issue. They lubed them and voila... no more noises
Apparently the brakes are two piece brakes with clips. These clips if not lubed make the noise. Not sure what lube they used but i guess something like wd40 or equivalent should work. I am not a mechanic but it worked for my car