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Noise questions....

24 July 2000
Listed in the FAQ, there is referrence to the "clunk" heard when you run over a bump in a certain way coming from the front end, and u can feel it thru the steering wheel also... Anyone have any more info about what to do to fix this, and what parts are needed? Thanks, -Electro
I would had that checked out(without driving to far). it could be anything from a loose nut in the suspension to a worn out rubber thingie. can result in a non-happy experience. Elevate the front of the car and check if you feel any loose parts on the front suspension and localize the problem.
I have the same noise but ine sounds more like if the spring was loose.? They told me it could be a rubber part that goes in the spring?! Any ideas?
They told me it could be a rubber part that goes in the spring?! Any ideas?

Presumably they told you the name of the rubber part they were talking about; what was it?

are you still using stock springs?

I have never had the "clunk" problem with my car. Electro/ Jorge, how many miles do you have on your cars. Maybe this is a high milage problem?
My car is lowered with Intrax springs (-1.5) and it has 115,000 miles so I guess it could be a mileage problem.
My car didnt do that until I lowered it. I used Comptech Springs, but I didnt change the struts. The local speed shop said the noise was the struts hitting the bump stops and that it would go away if I changed the struts out.
Hey so everyone who has had this problem uses stock struts with aftermarket lowering springs? If this is the case then I may fall victim to the "clunk" problem as well. Maybe getting new struts (or is it shocks) solves the problem. Not a cheap fix.
My 91 NSX is totally stock in the suspension department... and I still have the clunking sound...


that kills my theory. Anyone with better ideas. Maybe high miles is the source of the problem. I wonder when's a good time to replace the struts?
It always seems to happen more on the inside tire in a turn... so say I hit a bump while turning left, the left front tire would "bounce" over the bump and at the same time there'd be a "klunk" sending vibrations up the steering wheel and into my hands... feels like something's loose almost. ???
On mine I dont feel anything on the steering wheels. It is more like the spring was loose on the spring hat? I really am not too worried because there are no loose bolts that I have felt by lifting the car and shaking the wheels. any more info?
The same thing happens to my car, stock shocks and springs.
When taking a brisk corner on a mildly bumpy road, the front of the car seems to vibrate slightly and I feel some strange feedback on the steering wheel.

Mines a 1994 with around 45k miles, could this be a symptom of worn out shocks ?

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Most likely worn front struts...Had the same issues at 57K miles on my '91....Front end felt like it was "wandering" at high speeds and through tight turns...Also felt the "bump" through some turns...New Bilsteins and the problem was gone....You really don't realize how much your shocks degrade until you put some new ones on.