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Noob with a question...

23 April 2005
Hey guys, I'm new here, and I am a bit disturbed about something. See, I'm kind of caught up in the NSX craze right now, and even though I have a decent job, I still don't make enough money to afford a really good NSX right now. However, I did find this buy on the net, a 1991 NSX for $6,000, supposedly. I sent a message revealing my interest in the car, and it was supposed to be in or around Amarillo, Texas. Since I live in Oklahoma, I figured I might go have a look at it. I knew it was too good to be true, but I just had to find out!

Anyway, I was finally contacted by a woman claiming to be the owner, and said that her and her husband had to move to Spain because of a job. She said since the car was registered over here in the states, it would be cheaper for her to sell the car to someone over here, rather than sell it over there. The car supposedly has a salvaged title, but has been fixed. In the pictures it looks wonderful. Anyway, I wasn't sure how to procede about checking on this car, and I received another email from her. I'd like to post it here, if that's okay, and if anyone would give me some feedback, I'd appreciate it. In case the person in question selling the car sees this, and is legit, then an apology before hand to you. I've always heard that if something seems too good to be true, it usually is. Anyway, here goes. Thanks.

Hello !!!
I thought of something secure for both of us,you can even test the car,so please let me know what you think.
I'm really in a hurry cause I've got some house's bills to pay back in the states and you know how it is if I don't pay them in time,I can lose my house.The rest of the money I will raise it to purchase a car...So if we will do this asap I will let the price down to $5800.
To see that I'm a serious seller and this is a serious deal I have a suggestion for you.
-We will use The Money Gram service.
-You send the money to another name then mine's using the Money Gram company.You can send it to your brother's name(for example).After I will check the money and if they are there I will send you the car.
I want you to send half of the money $ 2900 ...the other half after you'll receive the car...
-After you receive the car and you check if everything it's ok with it,you will go to the money gram office and change the receiver name into my name so I will be able to pick up the money. So I am sure that you are a legitim buyer and you are sure that I am not able to pick up the money. If you send the money to whatever name you want here in Valencia,Spain nobody can pick it up.
-The best way for me to check if you sent the money is to scan the receipt and email to me!!!The idea is that I don't require an upfront payment, but only a payment proof that will show me you have the money and you're willing to pay.I need the receipt scaned cause I want to attach it to the bill of sale with my lawyer...I have to have a proof that you gonna owe me another $2900 ...I will send the bill sale along with car and the title signed .You'll have to sign it and fax it back to me...So I can be sure that I will get the rest of the money...My lawyer advised me to do this...

-When you will go to the money gram office to wire the money sometimes they ask you what is the money for.If you will tell the agent that the money is for something you will buy,I will have to pay a very expensive fee for makeing comerce when I will pick up the money.This is the part where I lose.I can avoid paying this money telling the agent that the money is for a relative.In this case I don't have to pay any taxes.
-I hope you will understand me.Anyway I will lose money cause the car is cheaper and I will take care of the shipping costs.The part where you lose is represented by the fact that if I tell them that indeed I have deliverd you the car ,you will have to pay also a great amount of money as a custom duty which for a brand new item like this is very big maybe 1/3 from the price of the car.We can avoid paying this money by doing this way.
I will give you two days so you can test the car.If you will be satisfied of it you will change the receiver's name into mine's.I hope I can trust you with the rest of the money...
This is very easy. I think this is the safest solution possible.If you agree with this than we can close the deal.
Hope to hear from you soon!!!

I don't care what the detail is, you are smoking crack if 6k can buy you any nsx, any condition.

Be honest, go put that 6k into the bank, if you want the nsx that bad, you will come up with more savings quick. I'm not rich nor I have a decent job either, but with the depreciation, you could find a nsx at reasonable price. Don't worry that you couldn't find a better one, put it that way, you have 15 years models to choose from.
Complete scam -these people should be boiled in oil, then put on a rack and stretched till their arms and legs pull off of their body. I would love to read about someone tracking these crooks down and serving up a huge piece of justice.
When I first started looking for an NSX I responded to an ad like that asking how much the car was because I thought it was a typo,(12K) They said no typo thats the price.Almost the same story but the country was Italy and it couldn't pass emissions etc. It was pretty amusing. :tongue: