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Normal Temperature Reading...

22 August 2001
San Diego, CA, USA
Can anyone tell me what thier engine temp reading is after your vehicle is fully warmed up. I have a reading that is right in the middle of the gauge. Is that where it's suppose to be?

Steven 91 Blk/Ivory
Does that mean that my thermostat is bad or my raidiator is clogged? Any ideas as to why my temp. gauge is reading right at center?

Any ideas guys??????

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Mine is all the way at the bottom.

Oh wait, that's because I haven't started mine in the past three months.

You really haven't started your car in 3 months? It's pretty hardcore that you're still on these forums everyday! #1 fan of the NSX with almost 3000 posts! And an owner, pretty much from day one, correct?

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I bought my car new in December 1990. Since then, maybe 60 percent of the time I take it out is to go to a track event, 25 percent to go to an NSX Club event, and 10 percent to take it in for service. The track event season in this part of the country pretty much shuts down from late October to mid April, so my car just sits during that period (and I save by turning off most of my insurance coverages). In fact, this year was the latest I had it out since the winter it was new, with a track event the first weekend of November at Indy Raceway Park. For photos of my car and me there, click here and here, respectively.

I still manage to do various NSX-related things the rest of the year, though. There's the constant search for all forms of NSX memorabilia (I just today received the Best Motoring International Volumes 2 and 3) and yesterday I removed the headlight units from my NSX in connection with an upcoming HID install. I take care of many aspects of membership processing for the NSX Club of America in my role as Treasurer. (BTW, the new issue of our NSX Driver newsletter should go in the mail in another week or so.) I had lunch today with two of my fellow Chicago-area owners, and we'll be having our upcoming dinner at Chilpancingo for NSX owners February 16, as posted on the NSXprime forums here; anyone who will be in Chicago then is welcome to join us. So there's plenty to keep me busy on the NSX scene.

That's true of most of our NSX owners in the Chicago-Milwaukee area; most of us don't drive our cars in the winter, but we still hang out together having a good time while our cars hibernate.

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If your car has heat when you need it and it's not overheating, it's probably just a little off on the gauge. I have seen this before. No worries if it's acting fine. If you live up north and you experience a low reading at the gauge or a lack of heat in the cooler months, you have a thermostat that is stuck open. It may just be that the seal for the plunger is torn. Seen that on a 98. But if the gauge is reading high at idle or while driving, you may have a t-stat that is stuck shut, or air pockets in the coolant system.
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