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Notices Bar

1 October 2006
Memphis TN
Don't know if anyone else noticed this but on hotel wifi it's kinda annoying. When the page first loads the notices bar is about twice the size. Then when the likes show up it get smaller.

I think the page has loaded and all of a sudden it jumps up an inch. Always right when i am trying to click something.

Hmm, I'm not seeing that but I'm on fast Internet right now.

All the current notices (Facebook and Enthusify) can be dismissed once you have read them and don't want to see them again. Click the red X in the top right corner of the notice.
Yeah FB uses some interesting code to display that friends box. I had trouble getting it to work at all, so I'm not overly surprised it renders a little oddly for some people. Maybe I should replace it with a simple "like" button. I'll put it on the list to look at sometime.