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NSX at Deals Gap Friday??

31 October 2003
Saxton, Pa
Saw a black/black NSX with NC plates cruising around Deals Gap, TN Friday. I was with a friend in our 928's (mine was the convertible).
Was hoping to talk the owner into playing with us but couldn't find who he was when we got to the gas station.
You on the list? I'll be back there in a few weeks with my NSX, wanna come play? hehe

wasn't me either but let me know when you guys go.. i'm interested!
Deals Gap is a blast. I have been there many times with my NSX and S2000 and love that road. If only it was closer to me... :(
That was me. Was supposed to go up with a group of bikes, but due to the rain took the NSX instead. Lot of fun, even with the rain.

Interesting, this is the first time I have checked Prime in a while, and I am being discussed... :)

Was looking at your 928. Nice car. I have a couple of 944s and am on Rennlist as well.

Nice car, I especially like the rear wing. I got a few seconds of your car on video.

My 928 cab developed some fuel distributor issues at the Gap, so we beat the light blue one all day, that is, until the Audi TT folks clogged up the roads. :) I have to do a rescue mission to NC on the 928 within the next 2-3 weeks. Thought I'd bring the NSX down and do some corner carving.

If you need any 944 parts, I have three parts cars (88 w/ 23k, 87 w 49k and an 87 w/ 133k miles).

Very cool.

The wing was an interesting experience, imported from Hong Kong, through a fellow prime member who resides there.

If you happen to have the video in digital format, and are decent at editing, could I have the few seconds you caught me? I don't have any video at all, and that would be neat to have. Yeah, once the audi guys got going, I headed to Bryson City for a late lunch and a little exploring. By the time I got back, they had just left again to head to Knoxville I believe, so I got a few more runs in before I headed home.

I'll keep you in mind on the parts. A buddy of mine and I are doing a microbusiness getting 44s for dirt cheap and "renovating" them, and reselling for a tiny profit. More hobby than business, we just wanted the tax advantages... :)