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Nsx badley misrpresented

19 July 2002
I bought a 1991 Nsx from Prime member Nsx4jp in Tampa. Yesterday I was patiently waiting the arrival of my new car. I live in wisconsin and flew a friend down to Tampa to drive it home. The transaction of the sale and purchase was flawless. The seller picked up my friend at Tampa International airport and my friend drove it to wisconsin. I hurried home from work yesterday, only to be sadly dissapointed of what I saw. From a scale of 1-10 I would give the car a 7. Now I know the car is a 1991 and might have some flaws. I have had two other Nsx's before this one. So I can expect the usual hick-ups's. THe reason I am upset is because of the way the seller described the car in his ad and on the phone. He started out by stating the car is immaculate. Now to me immaculate means close to mint or extremely clean. The car is not nearly immaculate nor clean. He also stated in the ad the car had no bolster wear. Well the seat has more bolster wear than the other two Nsx's I have owned. The seat is about to tear at the bolster. He also stated the tires have 2k miles on them. Well, this is also not true. The front tires are in great condition, but the rears have about 40% tread left. Then he claimed the paint shines like new and has no scratches. NOT. The paint is faded and needs some major loving care. Now about no scratches. The front bumper area where the plate bracket used to be is badley faded and scratched up behind repair. It doesn't end here. The whole front bumper area is ungulfed with rock chip's and scratches. I live in the midwest and did not expect this from a Florida car. The hood is also covered with rock chips and scratches to the point of no return. Then you have to move on to the right and left fenders. Nothing differant here, they both are chipped behind repair, unless painted. Well guys, I have vented. I guess immaculate doesn't allways mean the same to everyone. Ketan, how about sending me some repair funds to fix the problems that should have been represented.
So sorry to hear about that. I wonder if those 2k miles on the rear tires were spent doing burnouts???
It is a shame when fellow Prime members think they can get away with not telling the whole truth about something they are selling. Since they are on this board you figure you can trust them because if they don't soon enough others on here will hear about it and give them a 'black eye'.
I too have learned my lesson about being a trusting person when a fellow member says something is in 'perfect' condition.
I think from this point on, I will only go with the few members I have met in person that I will buy something from unless they come with high praise from LOTS of other members.
Otherwise, I will only buy from established businesses that are more likely wanting to satisfy the customer rather than just taking their money.
Hi, brian. The mechanics seem good. I guess that is the most important thing. Yes that is the car. Brian, the speaker repairs are going great on my last Nsx. My friend bought that car back a few months ago. I also heard you were in a fender bender.
DURIM91NSX said:
He also stated the tires have 2k miles on them. Well, this is also not true. The front tires are in great condition, but the rears have about 40% tread left.

I won't comment on the rest of the car, but 2K + driving from Tampa to Wisconsin = 40% tread on rear tires left. This part, at least, is OK.
Sorry about your difficulity, but I have a question. Didn't you get a lot of pictures prior to your purchase? I would expect that photos of the interior at least would show the bolsters.
DURIM91NSX said:
Hi, brian. The mechanics seem good. I guess that is the most important thing. Yes that is the car. Brian, the speaker repairs are going great on my last Nsx. My friend bought that car back a few months ago. I also heard you were in a fender bender.


Good to hear some feed back on the speaker repair most of the time I hear nothing back but you know what they say "no news is good news". My car is all fixed and better then before. The front end needed to be repainted anyways so at least insurance paid for it. :smile:
To play devil's advocate...

When spending $20-$30K on buying a car unseen, but based on a description... you are completely setting yourself up for this no matter what the recomendations of other people may say.... would you marry someone sight unseen??? No... so why would you buy a car sight unseen?

When someone is selling anything, be it a house, car or whatever, it is always "flawless" and "perfect" to them because it has sentimental value. It sounds like you may have typical buyer's regret - you have high expectations and are upset the car doesnt meet them.

At least the car works and drives and it looks good from a picture several feet away... maybe it's from my cynical NYC upbringing, but I personally think you got a fantastic deal for buying something sight unseen... at least you have a car that works and didnt have your money stolen.. things could be much worse...
Additionally, what about YOUR FRIEND??????

Didn't they inspect the car?

How do you know they didnt F*** it up on the drive up to Wisconsin?
Highway driving an NSX can lead to a lot of road chips if one spends the whole time behind an 18 wheeler.
Did your friend give you some kind of report (over the phone) before the purchase/ transaction :confused:

Your friend should have contacted you and gave you a visual before making the transaction. JMO

sorry about your mishap.

good luck
From the pic it looks awesome for a 91. I'd consider it being in great shape looking at the pic, being it's a 14 year old car and all.

I guess it depends on the milage and if it lost color in certain areas. Rock chips are unavoidable depending on the milage. Would you please post some pics on what you were talking about for us to see why your NSX was badly misrepresented?
I learned my lesson when I was in the market. One mans idea of pristine, flawless, right off the showroom floor is MUCH different than my idea of the same condition. You need to check out the car and see if both of your opinions are the same.
:confused: never understood how someone buys a car like that without checking it out in PERSON??? I bet you're more mad at yourself for not doing so, then you are at the actual seller...Like others have said, just be glad it runs good and made it to Wis. from Tampa with no issues...Next time, buy a one way ticket and see it for yourself before forking over the $$$...You could have negotiated much better before the sale rather then after....

Sorry to hear you were not to pleased with your new NSX...Live and learn I guess...
Have you talked to the seller or did you come here first to vent?

If you came here first, I would have to call that bad form. Is there another side to the story? There usually is.
I agree with 91X - I would not buy a car sight unseen. I flew to NJ from CA to inspect the car I ultimately bought. Well worth the trip believe me.

At the very least I would have someone whom I know to have a good eye, go inspect the car and then take digital photos up close of all items that could be at issue in the deal, seat wear, paint, dents, etc.

This is a tough lesson to learn, hopefully with some TLC, replacement seat covers, etc., the car will be nice. Good luck.
Sorry to hear about your deal gone sour. :frown: I can truly relate to that as I too have been, what I term "jobbed" by a member on this forum who recently sold me two of his parting out items. :mad:

While my "venting plea" either gets accepted or denied in the "NSX parts for sale" forum I'd just like to relay my unfortunate situation here to maybe spare some fellow member some grief that I've gone through the past couple days.

About two weeks ago I bought a right rear quarter panel, and a pair of door speakers from this "crook" :mad:, a guy in Ma. named Pierre(Achouchou), who has a posting selling parted out NSX pieces. And the only reason I mention him by name because I am so angry at this point, I want him to reply to this post instead of "rudely" hanging up on me like he did and give us his side of the story.

Well I finally received the RR QP Fri. from FedEx and to my utter dismay, it was nowhere near the condition he described on the phone and the lo-res picture he sent me. :mad: Scuff marks everywhere, three little grind marks down to the metal near the tail lamp housing :eek: (not visbile in his pic...Duhhhh :frown: ), numerous scratches, paint worn down to metal in some places(mostly side air scoop area), rock chips everywhere...IN FACT this looks like a totally re-painted body piece IMO, seems to be missing a primer coat :confused:

And all this after we discussed for hours on the phone what my intent was for the RR QP, to replace my slightly paint-damaged(no dented or dinged) panel, with one that was restorable to "like-new" condition with no re-paint. He fully knew of, and understood the terms of the sale and what I expected in return for my money! :mad:
He even told me there were a few scuff marks and imperfections that could easily be buffed out! Well guess what Pierre? When you have paint that has faded away and paint that's ground down to bare metal, there's no buffing in this world or yours that will ever restore it to normal. :rolleyes:

I will see if the speakers he sold me get shipped tomorrow because maybe they were on a separate shipment, but knowing the condition this guy sells things in I'm anticipating it to be in no better working condition than the POS QP he sold me!!! :mad:

I know getting my money refunded from this fraud will be very difficult if not impossible, but I still intend to fully prosecute this guy if he doesn't send me my money back. I even told him I'd eat the shipping charges. If anybody has any experience in these things please feel free to contact me with any suggestions. I'd greatly appreciate it.

Bottom-line. DO NOT deal with this guy, and if you feel you must, go see the part IN PERSON as suggested here. CAVEAT EMPTOR Good luck.
I noticed one question that no one asked yet, did you have another prime member physically go and inspect the car prior to you sending your friend down there? One day I plan on getting a White nsx, and I know without a doubt I will not be buying it without first having another local member (preferably an nsxca member) go and look at it, then finally going in person to pick the car up. Never buy sight unseen. Too easy to get burned unless you enjoy giving $ away, which I don't, I'm dutch! :tongue:
Just because someone is a NSX Prime member does not automatically make him / her better or more trust worthy than someone who is not. Always, always, get your NSX checked out in person, and mechanically inspected by someone who is very very familiar with these vehicles.

Sorry to hear about your problems. Hopefully this will be a good lesson on what not to do in the future.
Well I'm in Ca. and this crook is in Ma. and unfortunately I don't know anybody in that state who could've pre-inspected it for me. I guess I should've taken some of his "negative seller" feedback more to heart. Yes, this has taught me a very valuable lesson. Never trust a salesman no matter how convincing he sounds or what affiliation he's with. :mad: To me anyways, "word of honor" and "truth" still means something when it comes to dealmaking. Not "lies" and "deceit" as this charcater unfortunately prefers to deal in. :frown:
No I do not have buyers remorse, I love having a Nsx, I just think the car could have been represented differant than immaculate. And about my friend driving it here and getting all the rock chips on the way up. Well he must of stopped and touched them all up too. To add to my list, the cars antenna does not work and the air only blows on full speed. My friend must of done that too.
"Just because someone is a NSX Prime member does not automatically make him / her better or more trust worthy than someone who is not."

While almost everyone I have met here is 100%,
one of the biggest azzhole's I have ever met
is a member on this forum..................
He does not post much and his car was banned by the moderators
from being offered in the cars for sale area after our dealings.
1st class, cheap azz Dick head who will never see one dime of my $$$.
Folks like this just slither through life hoping for a shot of what most of us already have. Its really pathetic to watch. In fact id just plain Sad.

Looking forward to the sellers response.
Were the only 2 pics the ones that were posted? Or were there better quality pic's sent to you? With the ease of sending pic's these days, buying cars is much easier than say 10 yrs ago. Even if its close to home quality photos can
generally tell the tale.

If you are that unhappy, ask the seller for a refund, and you eat the shipping costs. Offer him $500.00-$1000. cash for the trouble.
Just a thought.

Let us know how it works out.