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nsx bogged out in second

6 November 2006
Yesterday, after meeting up with a local Lambo owner for a car chat he took off in his 350z, up a 45-50 degree steep paved road. I followed in my '91 with a new clutch (as of last year) and the car just bogged on me when i made an upshift around 5000 rpm from first to second gear. the traction light blinked for a second and i downshifted back to first and slowed down, making the peak of the street. Upon making the right turn to continue a street with less angle but heading uphill nonetheless the car bogged again in second gear and the TCS light actually stayed on until i quickly pulled over and re-started the car. I only use the best gas (94 octane here) and had the car recently tunde up. I haven't seen the problem arise since yesterday and am tempted to do the same thing again today to see if the problem only exists when climibing a hill with a 30-35 degree plus slope. I am a new owner and haven't seen this before. I'll re-post an update after taking the same route today and driving the same speed, etc. If anyone has any comments i'd love to hear them...

cheers guys!
Sounds like you spun a tire and the TCS reacted. Is all well now?

If you wish to do that type of "off the line" driving, I recommend disabling the TCS, it will make for a much better day:).