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NSX cabin and seats

10 October 2004
I did do a search on the forums but couldn't find more info about it.
I have a few questions.
1) How far backwards does the stock NSX seats recline ? like uhm how many degrees approximately from vertical. From the interior showroom in acura, It seems as if theres only so little room to recline backwards unless you slide the seats forwards.

2) For a 2 seater how spacious is the cabin for a 5' 7" person?

Might sound weird but I'm trying to figure if I could like just take a comfy nap in the NSX(anywhere compared an RSX) :biggrin: That's because I have a terrible college schedule can't sleep during the night and get sleepy during the day so I'm somewhat concerned about this factor. Sorry if the question sounded dumb :redface:

I'm 5'8" and I find the NSX very spacious for me. Although, I never took a nap in my NSX. Those seats are some comfy I can care less if I am lying down...

BTW, do you go to De Anza? I guessed it since you're in Cupertino.
The NSX fits me fine at 6'.

The recline is limited by the rear firewall, but you can move the seat forward a fair amount, and at 5'7" you probably won't mind the loss of legroom from moving the seat up a bit to allow more of a recline. I have a harness bar in mine, but without one you may be able to get around 45 degrees of recline.

I suggest you find a local NSX and try it on for size, including napping positions.
I'm 5'7, and have found the seats to be very comfortable. They recline probably 40 to 45 degrees (with vertical being 0) - that's a guess but probably pretty close. Hope that helps.